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Curtis Clubb

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Spouse/Partner: Mary Resides: CA



For the past ten years from the last reunion Iíve moved from La Mesa to Lake Tahoe where I have my own Plumbing Company. The people and the country are just wonderful.
Loving the outdoors as much as I do, what better place for all my hobbies like backpacking, camping, black powder shooting competition, four wheeling, fishing, photography, skiing and many many others.

Mary, my dear sweet lady who owns her own business, travels a lot and is away more than we like. We live at Fallen Leaf Lake and enjoy the peace and quiet. During the winter, for about five months, the only way to our house is by snowmobile. Itís a lot of work sometimes, but well worth it.

I sure do miss Lakeside sometimes (when we have 8í of snow and have been digging out of it all day). Looking forward to coming down in July and seeing everyone.

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