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Sandra Clarren Moncada

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Spouse/Partner: Rene Resides: CA



Website: www.caras-art.com


WOW - now that I've seen not only the "old" pix but read the bio pages herein - I've got to admit I'm impressed. Just think what life brought our way and how we have managed to answer. My hubby, Rene, and I look forward to meeting all of you. For ourselves, we both know just how lucky we are in that we found each other from the rebound position after our first marriages dissolved. In our own new marriage, we've put together all 6 of our kids as a family, 9 grandkids that are all truly "Grand!" and proof positive that hope and love are still alive and well.

In regard to myself since H.S., I worked my way through SDSC when it was still called that. I completed my teacher training and taught private school when my boys were still little. But when the time came for me to start supporting them as a single mom, I was ready to...and lucky enough to...get a chance to learn computer technology and USE it!

Rene too was in on the advent of the worldwide web wave hitting the USA in the early '90's. His commercial art background met the tech world head-on and as a result of their collision, both he and I are the proud owners of the web-effort referenced above. It's our Art-At-Your-Fingertips website. As a retiree, the web-efforts have become a labor of love and Rene gets the chance to tend to another of his labors of love, his Golf Game.

As of this date I'm still working and since I'm one of the Caltech employees working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, you can bet I'm lovin' it! Have you seen the latest about our twin rovers on Mars? I work with the Mission Assurance Division as part of their administrative team and webmaster. This is a dedicated group of engineers and scientists who help plan work-arounds to different project problems.

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