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Barbara Boatright Johnson

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After graduation I worked in a drive in for a couple of months. Then I attended Mesa Jr.. College Licensed Vocational Nursing classes. I got married to Bill (my husband) in 1965. We were in the Navy until 1968. During that time I lived mainly with my parents, because he (my husband) was over seas. I had a daughter born in 1966, who is now a certified nurses aid and working full time. I then had another daughter born in 1967, she lives to keep things hopping and lively. In 1968 my son was born, he is a freshman in high school and very much like we all were 20 years ago. After being discharged from the service we moved to Oregon where my husbands family resides. He worked in a plywood mill and I washed diapers and warmed bottles... We again were blessed with a duaghter in 1971. She is in the 7th grade and because of her older sisters influence very much a young lady. After my babies became young adults I went back to my nursing, and Iind it quite satisfying. I enjoy taking care of my house and being with my family. Especially now they are caroming to a point in their lives where they will be turning to thier own individual ways and leaving me behind, as I left my parents behind. We all enjoy fishing, camping, hunting, etC. We take off and spend as much as two weeks at a time with sleeping bags,lantern, cooking utensils and a change of clothes and enjoy every minute of it. Hunting season we get our rifles and go out to get meat for the table. Even the kids have shot thier own. I have had a very fulfilling 20 years and looking forward to at least 20 more with my GRANDCHILDREN. I'am sorry I can't be there for the reunion, it sounds like such fun, but, it would be impossible Łor me to get away during that time of the year. I'll be thinking of all of you, asI have done often in the past. HAVE A MARVELOUS TIME, ALL OF YOU..
To All of my 1964 Alumni

It is with much regret, that I cannot be there to share such a momentous occasion.It makes me feel like I finished school, but 1'm missing graduation. I want to personally wish all of you the best of time together, and hopefully some renewed friendships after so many or us have drifted away. I'm very interested in how you have all grown in the past years. I hope you have all had much happiness, and have the things you expected from life when we all parted that day in June 1964. To go our seperate ways as adults.

Have a drink for me

a plate for me

a dance for me

a hot dog for me

and, you can have the Hangover while I have the coffee

Thinking of you all fondly.

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