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Douglas Ackerman

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Status: Confirmed 2013-03-15 Email Addr: Yes Private Profile: No Profile Updated: 2013-03-15
Marital Status: Married    Spouse/Partner: Janet Resides: MN
Birthday: 04/12     Website: 12akman@charter.net

Military Service: 1964-1968 U.S. Navy (Fleet Marine Force) as a 'Corpsman' for 3 tours in Vietnam.
1976-2005 USAF (Minnesota Air National Guard) Aeromedical Techinician. Tours included Grenada, Panama, Desert Shield/Storm, Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afganistan. (Retired Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)
Education: Fire Science Degree, University of Minnesota
Occupation(s): Police Officer, Firefighter/Paramedic, State of Minnesota Fire Marshal Division
Family: Janet spouse of 27 years, four children Derek, Christina, Nathan and Shayla. My wonderful spouse has endured my calls away from home for fire investigations and deployments with our military. We have finally made it to retirement and the oppurtunity to spend time for us.
Hobbies: Hockey, Baseball and Travel
Pets: 2 cats - Max and Mikey
1 dog - Ziggy
Bucket List: Visit as many states and countries as we can.
Bucket List
(completed items):
Countries: Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Thialand, Phillipines, Laos, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain,Afganistan, Uzbeqistan, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Ireland, Turkey, Iceland, Panama, Colombia.

States: California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana.
2014 Bio: I stumbled through 3 marriages and finally found my 'soul mate' to settle me down. My wife, Janet, is a former Army nurse and nurse for the VA Medical system. She served during Vietnam and helped me through
injuries from Agent Orange and PTSD. I have 4 wonderful children who provide me joy and fulfillment as we spend time together. After 40 years in the Fire Service and 30 years in the Military I am very pleased that retirement has arrived and will allo even more adventures going forward. I miss the days at El Capitan and the friendships I was able to make. I look forward to the 50th reunion and reuniting with such wonderful people.



After leaving our wonderful school, I spent time with the U.S. Navy and u.s. Marine Corps having a wonderful, fun-filled tour of Southeast Asia (fer sure!). Upon entering the civilan world I wondered through many jobs, Taxi Driver, Hotel Bellman, Police Officer, and wound up staying with Pacific Telephone for several years. In 1970, I transferred to Minnesota and Northwestern Belr Telephone (God only knows why), and remained with them until 1979. At that time, I left for a job in the Fire Service. I am now a Firefighter/Paramedic with the St. Louis Park Fire Department (pretty boring, Eh!). I have been married twice and I'm hoping that someday I will find someone who can put up with an Older Child who always wanted to be a Firefighter. Many thanks to the Organizing Committee for putting this together. I am very exicted to see all those young Cheerleaders and Band Members I miss so much. See you in July.

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