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Richard Moyer

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After El Cap I spent 4 years fighting with the draft-board over my student deferment while in college. Then when I got out of college, they didn't want me because I was too old! After completing college I worked around the world. I do construction related electronics and systems work. I have been married twice; the first time to my H.S. sweetheart (6 months!) and the last time to my Linda for 32 years. We have 3 sons, Michael an Airline Pilot, Richard III who just completed his PHD in Psychology and works at SDSU and Kevin, a Junior at California Maritime Academy... There are 7 years between each child! We have moved back to San Diego 3 times as work kept taking us away to places like Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Venezuela. We also lived in another country called 'Texas' for 7 years!

Son Richard just announced that we are going to be grandparents for the first time!

Unfortunately I have only kept in contact with a few of the 'old gang' and then only sporadically. Imagine my surprise when my boyhood best friend, Martin Bracegirdle, called me from Newfoundland last light to tell me about the reunion! Martin and I were out of touch for 20 years before we 'found' each other again a decade or so back.

As it turns out, we live just 'over the hill' from the reunion site in El Cajon these days. I can't wait to see all the class again and see what you all have been up to.

Sadly, my younger brother Steve died this year of a brain tumor... many of you knew him. We have a sail boat, but haven't used it in a year owing to my brother's illness and that we have taken over the care of my aged and ill mother.

I don't know about retirement - or if anyone can afford to retire in California. Fortunately I like working, and probably will for many years to come. I do hope to take it a little easier now that the boys are grown and (almost all) out of school... sure would like to spend a bunch more time sailing!

Over the years the Moyer's have had a menagerie, but these days were are down to 3 birds and one dog.

I have so many fond memories of El Capitan, there would not be enough space here. For the previous 11 years, we went to all of the Valhalla football games (where our boys went to school)... every time Valhalla played El Cap, I sat one half on each sideline!

To this day I remember where I was sitting in the Quad, when we heard Kennedy was shot. I had some fond memories of a few of the teachers, and kept in touch with some over the years - sadly most have passed away. I also had some not so fond memories of teachers!

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