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David Moser

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Spouse/Partner: Sue Thompson Resides: CA



After numerous 'jobs, including being a fire fighter at Campo. I decided to join the USMC thereby avoiding the draft (lSSept66). While a drill instructor at the recruit Depot, Sue Thompson (class of 6S) and I were married 22 Jun 1968 at the Presbytarian Church on Channel. We have 3 children: Cindy-I4, frosh El Cap; Nancy-9, 4th; and James-6 +1st grade; both at Lakeside Farms.

Since I haven't decided what to do when I grow up, I am presently in the USMC at Camp Pendleton working on Helicopters. I have been allover the far east, Canada, Memphis, Redstone Arsenal, Jax. Fla. Quantico, Va. and for 4 years in Yuma, Ariz.

During spare time, I was given a M.A. in Psychology (l976) So far the use I've got out of the degree is teaching psych classes for L.A. Metro College.


Married June 22, 1968 to Sue Thompson (El Cap 1965). Three "adult" children and one 9 year old grandson. Our mothers live in the same houses as when we were in elementary, Lakeside Jr. H.S., Grossmont Jr. College, San Diego State, and several other colleges (at least for me). We reside in Oceanside and are in Lakeside very frequently. I was in the USMC from September 14, 1966 through October 1, 1987. One tour of duty as a Drill Instructor - and of course WestPac (SE Asia - Vietnam, and places President Nixon said we were never at). Since "retiring," I have been working in various school districts. I am just completing 8 years at Canyon Springs H.S. Moreno Valley (Riverside). I currently teach Geography (Freshmen - boy are they "fun"), USHistory (Juniors - they usually save the day); and Senior Make-Up classes on Tuesday evenings and summer school. Sue and I attended the 10th and 20th reunions and will certainly attend the Class of 1964 and the Class of 1965 (if they have one) reunions. P.S. Only eight months to trim down to my school boy physique (6'/ 136Lb) That's only 80 pounds difference. Dave

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