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Suzan Bain Driscoll

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Time passes in irregular fits and starts. While high school seems so far in the distant past, college still seems fresh and new. I guess college appeared to be a new start, away from the first 18 years the same old “Sue” in the same old Lakeside. Of course, the reality is—I still am the same old Sue, just in a slightly different place.

After El Cap, I went off to San Diego State. I had a lot of fun there, played around with some sailing, met the brother of my future husband and later through him I met Fred. At State I got a teaching credential in secondary education, which I put to work eventually in Escondido.

I spent a few years after college floundering around looking for a direction and or/jobs (sound familiar?). I managed to land a middle school teaching job, and settled down to married life. Well it wasn’t quite the average, everyday version of married life (we lived in a communal household for the first nine years), but it probably wasn’t all that uncommon in the 1970’s, either. Fred worked on and completed his doctorate in physics, I taught school, and we had some incredible years with wonderful friends.

When our first son was born, it seemed appropriate to move on to the next phase. We bought a house in University City, added a second son, and became the All-American (sort of) suburban family. Fred is a physics professor at UCSD and until June of 2003, I taught English, social studies, art, and/or science in Escondido. The time really went fast. It sounds a little dull on paper, but in retrospect it was full of all the joys and trials of raising children, being married, and working hard.

I’m proud of both our sons. Tom is following in his father’s footsteps working on his doctorate in physics* at UCSD, and Rob is at the University of Oregon in Eugene working on his masters in architecture.

I guess one could say that I’m in phase four of my life now that I have retired. I play in the garden, paint watercolors, sculpt, and since July of this year spend time in my trailer in Julian. When I go up to Julian it’s almost as if I’m going back to my youth because I’m out in the “boonies”. I am one of a handful of us El Cap ‘64 grads who were actually born and started school in Lakeside, so I guess the “boonies’ is in my blood….See, just the same old Sue.

* Those of you who were in my senior physics class might remember that physics was not my best subject, so why all this physics stuff? I have no idea—must just be compensation, or something.

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