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Roger 'fuzzy or bugsy' Bagula

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Status: Confirmed 2013-05-26 Email Addr: Yes Private Profile: No Profile Updated: 2013-05-26
Marital Status: Single/Divorced    Spouse/Partner: Never Married Resides: CA
Nickname: fuzzy or bugsy     Birthday: 12/07     Website: http://fractist.blogspot.com/

Military Service: Drafted army 1969-1971: out of graduate school
Medic school 91A10 worked a medical lab. tech 92B20 at Fort Belvoir, Va.
I was brought up as a Christian Scientist.
Education: 4yrs ucla
1 yr sdsu ( 1 semester before and one after the army)
Inorganic/ physical/ analytical chemistry
Occupation(s): Math progeammer/ web discussion group administrator
Family: Nephews and nieces...
Hobbies: Paleo-archaeology and sci fi movies...
Pets: I feed wild rabbits and birds
Bucket List: none
2014 Bio: Right now, a lot of web locations...
Do a Google search for "Roger Bagula".
You guys so savaged me in the 2004
era that I really don't much want to tell you anything.
No good deed goes unpunished.



I graduated high school in 1964. I graduated college in 1968. I graduated from the Army in 1970. I graduated from work for the government on Drug Screening and Medical Research in 1975. Since 1975, I have persued my own course in life, not always successfully in moetary terms, but I have achieved some peace of mind. At the moment I am living at home and do not have an outside job, but sometimes it seems there are not enough minutes in a day to get it all done.


Autobiographical Sketch of Roger L. Bagula I was born in National City, Ca. in 1945 to Fred and Amy Bagula on Dec 7, 1945. Mom and Dad are Christian Scientists. I went to California public schools for my primary and secondary education and graduated in 1968 from UCLA with a BS in Chemistry. While a UCLA I did research in Inorganic Chemistry as a lab assistant to Dr. Kaesz. And was drafted out of graduate school into the US Army and became a medical corpsman. I worked for a time for the Naval Hospital system after leaving the Army in drug screening and medical research. I have had some health problems which I won't specify here, but have had a very long time to do independent study. I have done extensive abstract and op-art work over a long period. I have had a long term interest in particle theory and quantum group theory, before my interest in fractals and chaos theory began. I have done original work in Mandelbrot/ Julia iterations, fuzzy logic, IFS theory, path fractals and Weierstrass trajectories. In Chaos theory I have worked on Henon's and other dynamic systems with several original results. The realization that the dimensionality of fractals was connected to a differential structure of real valued/ non-integer derivatives led me to formulate "supercalculus" ideas and experiment with the iteratives involved in fractal dimensional functions. I have done work in toral topology in string and twisted forms, number theory and general Pascal's triangle theory. My work in generalized Sierpinski sets as IFS's lead to work in Eisenstein fraction sets, Levy Dragon and Twin dragon generalizations as well. I have published "The Fractal Translight Newsletter" independently for nearly five years, now, and have been called "crazy" by some of the best minds in the world! I am also known for my poetry and jazz/rock composition work. In actuality my essays have been more popular than my mathematics/ physics work. I have written a series of short stories for TFTN with the "Little Annie" series of humorous fiction being fairly well received. Most of my knowledge in many of these fields is self taught and gained by very hard work at the computer keyboard. At one time I was one of the most well read Science fiction readers around, but I have found "truth" even stranger than fiction and at times more exciting in the thrill of discovery! I can give no credit for my work to government or public support and seem to be pretty well hated in those areas locally. I credit my successes to hard work and stubborn conviction in the face of sever resistance in the scientific and mathematical community to any and all of my ideas! I intend to put out TFTN as long as I can and even after to continue my work as long as I am able. I am heterosexual, single and a Jeffersonian Democrat in political philosophy. I am right handed, have light brown hair that is starting to go gray, green eyes. I weight near 200 pounds (95 kilos?) and am 5 foot 7 inches tall(1.67 meters?) and am not what you would call fat despite a slight belly of middle age. I am somewhat surprised at being in the position of being a "light" in the fractal world: I had thought I would never get that far with my impoverished existence! My family are kind of "pioneers" in California in arriving before most of the others in 1914, but we haven't got rich or famous here. My father is one of the original hot rodders from the 1940's and my first recollections were of very fast old cars that Dad put together in his garage beside the house. In contrast I didn't get my driver's license until my late 30's. I have been a very self conscious and shy intellectual/ bookish person most of my life, but am now able to get past that in most public situations. I have been called "too honest","too frank" and without tact or polite manners and it is probably true. In this to eastern elite types I also appear as "stupid" for not playing the "game", but I have been pretty much denied "entry" to their game so I play it "truthfully" as easier to remember than any tactful lies. I nurse my invalid mother and take care of my 89 year old Dad. I am a Christian. This sketch is an autobiographical essay as truthfully as I can make it.
Roger L. Bagula 4 Oct 1997

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