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Charlotte Hittle Davis

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Spouse/Partner: Arrin Resides: CA

2014 Bio: Gee Whiz, another 10 years gone.
Not much different in my life except we did buy 49 acres, 9 miles east of Alpine. It has lots of oak trees and is just beautiful. My husband Arrin planted a whole bunch of fruit & nut trees which the birds, squirrels & coyotes usually get to enjoy before we do.
Our son Mark & his wife Eliesha live in Boulevard with their sons Jonathan 17, Seth 16 & Paul 13.
Our daughter Lana & her husband Taso live in Escondido with sons Tristian 17, Brenden 15 and daughter Tianna 13.
I donít have any new pictures because most things are done on the computer now and I donít do computers.
I know everyone will have a great time at the reunion.

Charlotte Hittle Davis



Since leaving El Capitan High School in February 1964, I married a Marine named, Orrin Davis. After completing his time one year later we moved to Descanso where Orrin started working for my Dad as a water well driller in Alpine. In April of 1965 our son, Mark, was born and in September of 1967 our daughter, Lona, was born. December of 1974. I moved to Minnesota to be with Orrin's family. Returning to California in September of 1978, to again work for the Butler Drilling Company, Some of my hobbies include sewing, leather tooling, and flying with my husband in our airplane.


Boy, 40 years. It sure goes by fast. My husband, Orrin, and I also just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We were married in February 1964. We have 2 kids. Our son Mark has 3 kids, Jonathan is 8, Seth is 6, Paul is 3. Our daughter has 3 kids also, Tristian is 7, Brenden is 5, Tianna is 3. Christmas ia a BLAST when we get all the grandkids together in one room, it's called chaos, but I love it.

I worked 7 years at a Special Treatment Center in the Mental Health field here in Alpine.

Orrin and I purchased Butler's Drilling Company from my Mom in 1992 after the death of my Dad, Kenneth Hittle. We drill water wells and just celebrated the company's 75th year in business.

In my spare time I enjoy making crafts, sewing, and reading. I'm also a volunteer at Grossmont Hospital Thrift Korral.

Charlotte Hittle Davis

2 Bio(s) posted.