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Robert Emerson

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Spouse/Partner: Susan Resides: CA



I graduated from Grossmont College and San Diego State. I majored in Public Administration. I now help manage a local lumber yard and hardware store. I have an wife and a four year old daughter and live in the Granite Hills area.


Since graduating from El Cap, I helped manage a hardware store and lumber yard and worked as an outside sales rep for a precast concrete company. More recently however, I have been teaching elementary school. I attended Grossmont J.C.and graduated from San Diego State My wife Sue is a high school principal, and my daughter Lindsey is working on her masters degree in bio-statistics. In my garage sits my 55 Chevy that I bought my senior year at El Cap. My interests include dune buggies, traveling, art, and enjoying a Rocky Mountain Kool-Aid. Like the song says, "It's better to burnout than it is to rust!" My wife and I own a home in the Blossom Valley area.

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