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Donna Andrews Cusimano

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2014 Bio: After graduating from El Cap in 1964, I went to work 2 weeks later at a Chinese Restaurant, and then a 100 year old Historic Restaurant in San Diego. I lived and worked with my friend Cathie Doran, who also went to El Cap. I met my husband of 48 yrs in 1965, as he was being discharged from the Navy. We moved to his hometown of Monterey, California. We were married in July 1966. We had no children. I started working for AT&T in 1968 as a Long Distance operator, and worked my way up to a Communication Technician, before I retired in 2002. My husband worked in the Automobile business, and we also opened a Donut Shop from 1970-1975. After we retired we went on the road in our Motorhome for a couple years. We found a nice brick home in Springfield, Missouri, where some of his family lives. But after 3 yrs we just couldn’t handle the severe weather. So we checked out Oregon, and loved the beauty of the state. We found a small adult community of about 150 homes, nestled on a mountainside in Canyonville, Oregon. (Pop 1500) So we bought a home, and moved here in 2007. (And we love it.) My Mom who will be 92 yrs old this year, still lives in El Cajon, as well as my youngest sister, and her family.



After graduating from El Cap I really didn't know what to do. A girlfriend called me, and said there was an opening at the restaurant where she worked, so I decided to apply. I got the job and worked there for a couple years. I met my husband when I was working there. He was getting out of the service in less than a year, and going home to Monterey. He asked me to marry him. So, we were married in Monterey on July 16, 1966. Monterey is a very pretty town but it's quite small. Compared to San Diego it took some getting used to. I got a job with Pacific Telephone in 1968 as a Long Distance Operator. I really enjoyed talking to so many different people and being there to help in an emergency. After 13 years of being an operator I wanted a change. In 1981 I transferred to another department, which was the switchroom. I connect telephones and do maintainace on the equipment. It's really interesting and I enjoy the challenge of it. My husband and I bought a home here in 1971. He manages a service station and his hobby is entering our '71 Camaro in car shows.

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