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El Capitan High School
Class of 1964


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40 Year

When: October 22-24, 2004
Where: Singing Hills Resort     (Mixer, Golf, Dinner)
Elk's Lodge, El Cajon (Barbeque)
Committee: 40 Year Committee
Photos: 2004 Class Reunion Photos
Bios: 2004 Bios
Our 40 Year reunion was, IMHO, a rousing success. Total attendance was over 160 people, including 85 classmates, 18 teachers and our principal, Mr. Savage. Mr. Savage was inducted into the El Cap Hall of Fame on Thursday Night. We had an informal get-together Friday night, a golf tournament Saturday morning, and a dinner-dance on Saturday evening. On Sunday we had a barbeque. If you weren't there, you missed out on a good time.
Not long after the reunion, we produced a Memory Book, containing photos from each of the events and also photos from our 1964 yearbook. A PDF version of the book is on our website, along with the individual photos from our 40 year reunion: 2004 Reunion Memory Book (Large PDF) .

28 Year

Multi-Class Reunion
When: 1992
Where: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds
Photo: 1992 Group Photo
This was a multi-class reunion, attended by graduates from the 1960s. Approximately 40 of our classmates attended.

20 Year

When: 1984
Photos: 1984 Class Reunion Photos
Bios: 1984 Bios
The 20 year reunion was attended by approximately 100 classmates.

10 Year

When: 1974
Where: Drew Ford Roundhouse Showroom
The 10 year reunion was held at the Ford Roundhouse. If anyone has photos or our bios from that year, please forward them to us so that we may post them. (elcap64@elcap64.com)