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Class of '64 Reunion

What can you do to help?



  1. We need volunteers! Please check the Sub-committees page for more info.  Contact us if you can help.
  2. Send us your Contact Information
    The Contact Information form is located in the FORMS Directory; fill out the form and "Submit" it. It will be emailed to the committee.  We plan to keep this website for a few years, so please send us your updates when they occur.  Thanks!
  3. Send us your Contact Information - even if you're on classmates.com or any other reunion site
    We are unable to shotgun messages to all of you on classmates.com;  we are limited to 20 individual emails per day to classmates.com.  Do the math - it really requires a lot of effort to contact you individually. You know how to reach us - if you want us to reach you, you must fill out the contact info form.   
  4. Help us locate your classmates
    Check the Missing; check those we have not located; if you have information to help us locate someone please contact a committee member or send us an email.
    We especially need help identifying many of the "girl's" married names.
  5. Join the committee
    We can still use some volunteers
  6. Fill out the Classmate Biography form
    While you're at it, fill out the new Biography form. These will be posted on our website.
  7. Please send us your comments or suggestions for improving this website.