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Help Topics

  1. Help with Registration or LogIn

    • I tried to register or log in, but was brought to this page
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    • My name isn't listed
      Send us an email to request the addition of your name. info@elcap64.com
    • How do I know if I have already registered?
      Click on 'Register" and find your name in the list. If you have a gold star next to your name, you are registered.
    • I want to register, but it says "No email address" next to my name.
      We need to have your email address. Please select 'Forms' (link on the right) and update your contact information. We will add your email address to the server soon after (hopefully; it's a manual process). Check back later. When your name is "clickable", you may register.
    • I forgot what email address I used to register
      Select 'Register', click on your name. The email address you used to register will be displayed (with the middle characters blocked out).
    • I want to change the email address I used to register
      I don't have this set up, so please email me: elcap64@elcap64.com
    • When I try to Log in, I get the message: "Sorry, your email address was not validated. You must be registered."
      The email address you typed wasn't found. Probable causes:
      • You mistyped it - try again
      • Your aren't registered - check for the gold star against your name in the class list
      • You are registered under a different email address - Select 'Register', click on your name. The email address you used to register will be displayed (with the middle characters blocked out). If you have recently changed your email address via a contact info form, please allow a little time for it to get updated.
    • I forgot my password
      Try to log in. When you get the message "Sorry, your user password was not validated.", click on "Forgoettern Password?". Your password will be sent to your email address.
    • I received an email from webadmin@elccap64.com stating I had registered - but I didn't.
      Everyone who registers is sent an email to confirm the registration. If someone registered your email address without your permission, please let us know: elcap64@elcap64.com We will remove the password. You may then register with the password of your choice or update your contact info to change email addresses.
    • Some ugly system error messages when I try to log in or register.
      You most likely don't have cookies enabled. See more about cookies
      Please let us know about it so we can identify it and create a meaningful error message: elcap64@elcap64.com


  2. Why register?

  3. Registered users may:
    • update their profiles/bios
    • specify that their profile and bios are private, to be shared only with other registered, logged-in users
    • view private profiles
    • send messages to other students (from their profile display)
    • view and post items on the message board
    • post photos
    • (Future) sign up for reunion events and also see who is attending the events


  4. Help with Forms

    • I entered the correct "captcha" code, but it says "Error - code not matched"
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  5. About Cookies: Must have "cookies" enabled
  6. This site uses a type of "cookie" to keep track of your login information during your time on this website. It is also used by the "captcha" code on the It is stored in memory on your computer, but is never stored on your disk. When you exit the website or close your browser, the information is discarded and cannot be referenced again.

    Enable cookies

    • Internet Explorer
      • Select Settings
      • Select 'Internet Options'
      • Select 'Privacy' Tab
      • Select 'Medium High' or lower
        If you prefer to have a higher setting, then please enable cookies for this site:
        • Click on Sites
        • Type in 'elcap64.com' in address of website box
        • Click on Allow
        • Click 'OK'
      • Click 'Apply'
    • Google Chrome
      • Select Options
      • Select Settings
      • Select 'Show Advanced Settings' (scroll down)
      • Select Privacy Content Settings
      • Click either 'Allow local data to be kept' or
        'Keep local data only until I quit my browser'
      • Click 'Done'
    • Firefox
      • Select Tools
      • Select Options
      • Select Privacy
      • Click on Accept Cookies from sites
    • Silk (Kindle Fire)
    • I have no way to test the website on a Kindle Fire, so I am relying on those of you who use one to help me. I found the following on the internet - hope it works.

      It should be set to accept cookies by default, but you can check by:

      • go to Web
      • Select Menu
      • Select Settings
      • Assure that "Accept Cookies" is checked
      • Click "Clear All Cookie Data", as you may have too many cookies.
      • Click "Clear Cache", just to make sure you have memory available to store the temporary cookies.
  7. Help with Any Other Website Issues

    • It's broken or I don't know to use it
      If you are having problems using the website, please, please, please contact me: elcap64@elcap64.com
      I'm not getting paid to do this, and I have never done this professionally, so please be patient if something isn't quite right. Sometimes a feature will work on one computer and not another, or once in a while I make a change to one feature and break another. I know how frustrating it can be when something isn't working, so please give me the opportunity to fix it. I do try to test everything, but I'm just getting old, I guess, and my attention span isn't what it used to be.
      I hope that all of you will have a pleasant experience visiting this website, and if you don't, I really want to know what I need to do to improve your experience.