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El Capitan High School
Class of 1964

Class List: Missing

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The following is a list of our classmates, compiled from many sources by a number of people. If we are missing someone, it is quite unintentional. Please help us by sending any missing names or contact information to the reunion committee:     info@ elcap64.com    Thank you for your help!

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Last Name Last (now) First Contact Info Last Confirmed State
Ball Ball Janet Missing AZ
Becker Becker Carole Missing
Bell Bell Mike Missing 2004 CO
Bender Bender Thomas Missing 2004 CA
Benham Benham John Missing
Bilkey Bilkey Brian Missing 2004 AK
Boatright Johnson Barbara Missing CA
Bonin Bonin Martha Missing
Brewer Brewer Rose Missing
Burnaugh Dodson Susan Missing CA
Burns Dryman Judith Missing 2004 TX
Byrne Byrne Mary Missing
Byson Eaton Rachel Missing
Cook Cook Loretta Missing
Dawson Dawson Catherine Missing
Di Flavio Di Flavio Tina Missing
Douthit Douthit Charles Missing 2004 OR
Drach Swanson Paulette Missing 2004 AL
Eggleston Buckland Jeanne Missing CA
Evans Hawkins Mary Missing OK
Frank Frank James Missing
Frederick Frederick Cheryl Missing
Gatchette Gatchette Earl Missing
Gaussoin Gaussoin Anthony Missing 2004 CA
Goen Goen Judith Missing
Grant Grant Troy Missing CA
Griffin Griffin Carolynne Missing
Hendrickson Hendrickson Vicky Missing CA
Holman Holman Marguerite Missing
Jacobs Jacobs Toni Missing
James James Frances Missing WA
Jarman Jarman Charles Missing CA
Johnson Johnson Frances Missing
Johnson Johnson Jay Missing DC
Johnston Johnston Robert Missing
Keller Keller Loren Missing
Kephart Brunot Sodonna Missing MN
Lindsay Jr. Lindsay Jr. John Missing CA
Mack Mack James Missing 2004 CA
Manley Trexler Nancy Missing
Marks Marks James Missing NC
Mitchell Mitchell Carol Missing
Moore Moore Janice Missing GA
Morris Morris Laverne Missing
Moyer Moyer James Missing CA
Ogdahl Ogdahl Sylvia Missing
Peters Peters Susan Missing
Peterson Peterson Lluvia Missing CA
Presley Presley Janet Missing CA
Prince Prince Nancy Missing
Pyatt Pyatt Joann Missing
Rask Rask Kary Missing CA
Rathbun Rathbun Lynn Missing
Remington Williams Penney Missing
Riley Daniels Gwendolyn Missing
Ruiz Ruiz Mary Missing CA
Salazar Salazar Theresa Missing
Sellers Sellers Peggy Missing CO
Shank Shank John Missing UT
Smith Smith Dennis Missing
Smith Smith John Missing
Smith Smith John Missing
Smith Smith Judith Missing
Smith Smith Judith Missing
Smith Smith Michael Missing
Smith Smith Ruthann Missing
Suggs Cunningham Patricia Missing
Swinland Roccoforte Carlotta Missing CA
Tatar Tatar Stephanie Missing
Thorp Thorp Lora Missing
Torres Torres Alice Missing
Towne Towne Ara Missing
Vigneault Vigneault Patricia Missing MA
Walters Walters David Missing MI
Watkins Lewis Connie Missing 2008 CA

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Photos: 6
Bios: 4
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75 Names.