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El Capitan High School
Class of 1964

Class List: Deceased

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The following is a list of our classmates, compiled from many sources by a number of people. If we are missing someone, it is quite unintentional. Please help us by sending any missing names or contact information to the reunion committee:     info@ elcap64.com    Thank you for your help!

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Last Name Last (now) First Contact Info Date
Ahlwardt Shea Gail Deceased 1988
Ayala Ayala Sarah Deceased
Balance Perkins Jeannie Deceased 2012-04-03
Barnes Jr. Barnes James Deceased circa 1965
Barry Barry William Deceased 07/30/99
Beckwith Beckwith Nancy Deceased
Behl Jr. Behl Jr. Henry Deceased 1992-03-16
Bixby Bixby Chuck Deceased 02/12/2016
Calamia Brewer Sharlotte Deceased 06/07/16
Coleman Coleman Arlette Deceased 2004-04-01
Conrad Conrad Phillip Deceased circa 1965
Cook Cook Ken Deceased
Curo Curo John Deceased 05/28/95
Davis Stevens Margaret Deceased 2009-03-21
De La Hunt De La Hunt Ray Deceased 09/02/00
Estavillo Estavillo Bill Deceased 2007-11-16
Fassel Fassel John Deceased 1999-11-26
Fowler Fowler Roberta Deceased
Gilroy Gilroy Calvin Deceased 2007-10-25
Graham Graham Stephen Deceased 2014-03-16
Griffis Potter Ruth Deceased 2/10/2007
Guidette Jr. Guidette Jr. Louis Deceased 2006-01-13
Hall Hall Joe Deceased 04/26/2012
Hem Hem Raymond Deceased 2009-07-07
Henderson Jr. Henderson Jr. Delbert Deceased 07/01/69
Homesley Homesley Ray Deceased 07/19/10
Hon Makela Carol Deceased 2009-03-24
Hufford Hufford Margie Deceased 2003-08-01
Hurley III Hurley III Otis Deceased 1978-09-01
Hyde Hyde Catherine Deceased
Jacobs Underwood Barbara Deceased 09/08/2011
Jorgensen Jorgensen Doris Deceased 2009-01-03
Marquis Marquis Lloyd Deceased 2007-05-25
Newman Newman Gloria Deceased
Nielsen Nielsen Craig Deceased 01/13/04
Owens Owens Coy Deceased Feb 1997
Patience Patience Sandra Deceased 2012-03-03
Potter Potter Charles Deceased 2014-07-01
Ray Ray Vicki Deceased
Riding Riding William Deceased 1994-04-28
Ries Ries Kenneth Deceased 2002-10-08
Saska Saska David Deceased 2014-07-21
Scheutz Scheutz Theodore Deceased
Shannon Winter Lola Deceased 04/16/94
Snyder Snyder James Deceased 2010-11-11
Spearman Spearman Gary Deceased 1997-06-27
Spears Cameron Susan Deceased 2013-07-05
Steinmetz Steinmetz Steven Deceased 2009-03-12
Stern Mills Diane Deceased 2010-01-04
Trumbo Trumbo Linda Deceased 2007
Walters Walters Judith Deceased circa 1967
Washburn Washburn Larry Deceased
Weidner Christensen Dona Deceased 04/30/2016
Williams Williams Armand Deceased 2001
Zekan Zekan Joseph Deceased 09/10/2012

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