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El Capitan High School
Class of 1964

Class List: Confirmed

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The following is a list of our classmates, compiled from many sources by a number of people. If we are missing someone, it is quite unintentional. Please help us by sending any missing names or contact information to the reunion committee:     info@ elcap64.com    Thank you for your help!

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Last Name Last (now) First Contact Info Last Confirmed State
Abbond St.Pierre Carol Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Ackerman Ackerman Douglas Confirmed 2013-03-15 MN
Allain Prevost Cecile Confirmed 2014-05-08 CA
Allen Wright Pamela Confirmed 2014 CA
Amundson Brinkman Karen Confirmed 2013-03-15 FL
Anderson Anderson Alvis Confirmed DNC CA
Andrews Cusimano Donna Confirmed 2014-06-07 OR
Andrus Kelly Anna Confirmed 2014-07-23 CA
Ankrum Ankrum Bren Confirmed 2013-04-03 FL
Arnke Arnke Michael Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Arnold Silverthorn Florence Confirmed 2014-05-27 TX
Aufort Schager Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-19 CA
Bagula Bagula Roger Confirmed 2013-05-26 CA
Bain Driscoll Suzan Confirmed 2013-03-19 CA
Bartlett Hurley Margaret Confirmed 2014-04-25 ID
Beadles Brinkley Vicki Confirmed 2013-08-15 CA
Bender Bender Michael Confirmed 2014-08-21 CA
Bickerton Hill Lauren Confirmed 2013 MI
Bigford Shull Janice Confirmed 2014-09-22 CA
Bitterlich Bitterlich Jack Confirmed 2013-04-02 MT
Blakely Schwen Patty Confirmed 2014-03-03 CA
Bond Bond Richard Confirmed 2013-04-03 OR
Boston Walters Joyce Confirmed 2014-06-06 CA
Boyas Lee Martha Confirmed 2014-03-01 WA
Burton Burton Don Confirmed 2014-02-19 AZ
Caldwell Livesay Carol Confirmed 2014 CA
Cardenas March Susan Confirmed 2014-06-07 AZ
Christ Christ Frank Confirmed 2014-02-03 CA
Clark Trexler Nancy Confirmed 2013-04-03 FL
Clark Clark Robert Confirmed 2013-09-24 ID
Coffman Coffman William Confirmed 2013-04-03 ID
Cole Cole Robert Confirmed 2013-09-22 CA
Collver Palmer Kathleen Confirmed 2013-04-04 CA
Conen Porter Catherine Confirmed 2013-08-28 NC
Conway Drever Julie Confirmed 2013-03-27 TN
Cooper Severson Roberta Confirmed 2013 CA
Cover Bush Janice Confirmed 2014-06-07 OR
Cox Barner Janis Confirmed 2013 WA
De Does Bowling Lou Confirmed 2013-08-28 CA
De Rouen Hardway Evelyn Confirmed 2013-04-15 OR
Deen Deen Robert Confirmed 2014-08-03 CA
Delpozo Daggy Donna Confirmed 2013-04-03 GA
Diment Rinehart Gloria Confirmed 2014-05-06 CA
Doran Ditomaso Catherine Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Duncan Duncan David Confirmed 2014-08-06 RI
Dutton Forbes Dawn Confirmed 2014-05-09 OR
Dvoracek Berry Gayle Confirmed 2014-08-24 TX
Earickson Earickson Joyce Confirmed 2013-03-27 CA
Eaton Eaton Robert Confirmed 2014-08-27 NM
Egerer Senko Christine Confirmed 2014-09-26 AZ
Ellis Ellis Alvin Confirmed 2013-03-13 TX
Elson Vaugn Donna Confirmed 2014-07-28 AZ
Emerson Emerson Robert Confirmed 2013-06-21 CA
Farr Arnold Madeline Confirmed 2013-06-10 CA
Finley III Finley III Thomas Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Fischer Fischer Douglas Confirmed 2013-08-20 CA
Flory Flory Reed Confirmed 2013-09-02 CA
Gallion Zekan Dottie Confirmed 2013-07-15 CA
Galloway Jr. Galloway Jr. William Confirmed 2013 NY
Garcia Adler Sherry Confirmed 2013 CA
Gollehon Bretton Linda Confirmed 2013-03-13 OR
Goodman Springer Barbara Confirmed 2013-04-24 CA
Gruner Howell Dorothy Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Haines Gray Prudence Confirmed 2013 CA
Hanson Fragoso Sharon Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Hardy Hardy Bryant Confirmed 2013-12-05 OK
Hellyar Winder Dianne Confirmed 2014-02-26 CA
Hildebrand Colburn Betty Confirmed 2014-10-05 OR
Hillberg Bilkey JoEllen Confirmed 2012-08-16 CA
Hirschi Jr. Hirschi Jr. Don Confirmed 2016-05-06 AZ
Hittle Davis Charlotte Confirmed 2013-06-10 CA
Hodges Hodges William Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Holsbo Holsbo John Confirmed 2013-04-16 CA
Hopster Papenhausen Mary Jane Confirmed 2013-03-18 CA
Howard Echols Penny Confirmed 2016-07-02 UT
Hughes Weidert Mary Confirmed 2016-03-14 CA
Hull Hull Roberta Confirmed DNC CA
Hutton Hutton Jimmy Confirmed 2015-03-26 CA
Izydorczyk Allen John Confirmed 2013-03-13 WA
Johnson Johnson Violet Confirmed 2014-05-19 CA
Jones Jones Michael Confirmed 2013-03-26 CA
Kane Wallace Margaret Confirmed 2013 CO
Kern Kern William Confirmed 2017-05-02 CA
Knapp Pitcher Bonnie Confirmed 2013-08-06 CA
Kuhner Kuhner Fred Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Kulhavy Kulhavy David Confirmed 2013-06-16 TX
Kulhavy Kulhavy Lura Confirmed 2013-08-06 CA
Laidler Edwards Christy Confirmed 2013-05-06 CA
Larison McAllister Yvonne Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Lawrence Lawrence Standlee Confirmed 2013 ID
Lehman Brown Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-27 CA
Leslie Wheeler Robin Confirmed 2014 CA
Lind Schmitt Carole Confirmed 2013-04-03 AZ
Lynch Hanson Jacqueline Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA
Lynch Morgan Nancy Confirmed 2014-06-06 CA
Martin Martin Art Confirmed DNC NV
Mates Mates John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
McBride McBride Harriet Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
McCoy Krysinski Pamela Confirmed 2013-09-27 CA
McDonough McDonough Eugene Confirmed 2013-07-17 CA
McGuffee Courter Jeanne Confirmed 2013 CA
McKenna McKenna Robert Confirmed 2014-08-12 CA
Meanor Meanor Ray Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Meeker Nelson Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-13 SC
Melville Carr Judy Confirmed 2014-08-31 CA
Micholofki Micholofki Patricia Confirmed 2013 CA
Miller Gittins Cheri Confirmed 2015-07-31 CA
Moody Moody Donna Confirmed 2013-07-17 TX
Morehouse Morehouse Larry Confirmed 2014-07-28 AZ
Moser Moser David Confirmed 2013-04-13 CA
Moyer Moyer Richard Confirmed 2014 CA
Needham Acosta Ann Confirmed 2013-04-03 AZ
Nicoll Wheeler Vivian Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Orton Orton Evertt Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Palma Palma Rafael Confirmed 2015-02-09 , PHILIPPINES
Papenhausen Papenhausen Bill Confirmed 2013-03-18 CA
Parker Henry Karen Confirmed 2013-04-15 CA
Parsley Koch Shirley Confirmed 2014 CA
Parsons Quick Cheryl Confirmed 2013-03-27 NC
Peffley Peffley Richard Confirmed 2013 CA
Perez James Confirmed 2014-06-25 CA
Pinnick Pinnick Michael Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Plummer Heaton Francine Confirmed 2013-04-03 WA
Pollard Dominguez Sandra Confirmed 2014-06-08 CA
Powell Kast Avilda Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Prenn Bennett Judi Confirmed 2013-03-13 OR
Reed MacDougal Diana Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Reed Reed Gano Confirmed 2015-07-22 WA
Reisor Reisor Robert Confirmed 2013-04-19 CA
Richardson Richardson Bruce Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Riley Riley Donald Confirmed NV
Rivera Doering Virginia Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Rodgers Rodgers John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Roehl Knapp Connie Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA
Ross Weaver Carol Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Schlegel Schlegel Paul Confirmed 2014-04-18 TN
Sherman Herzog Christine Confirmed 2013 CA
Smith Smith Norman Confirmed 2014-08-28 CO
Smith Smith Victoria Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Spence Spence Gerald Confirmed 2013-06-30 VA
Sternaman Sternaman-Belser Susan Confirmed 2014-06-19 CA
Stewart Stewart William Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Stradley Stradley Larry Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Streeter Streeter Charles Confirmed 2013-03-13 CA
Taylor Taylor John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Tinklepaugh Hertz Jo Ellen Confirmed 2013-05-02 CA
Trussell Trussell Patrick Confirmed 2013-05-02 CA
Valentino Koehler Clytie Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Vallese Hayes Carol Confirmed 2014 CA
Van't Hof Pope Bonnie Confirmed 2014-06-07 WA
Wagner Degeilh Cheri Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Walker Walker Joel Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Wayne Wayne Robert Confirmed 2013-04-01 TX
White White Gregory Confirmed 2014 CA
White White William Confirmed 2014-07-28 WA
Whited Monise Karen Confirmed 2013-03-27 WA
Whiting Jr. Whiting Jr. Harry Confirmed 2014-10-09 WA
Williams Grable Judith Confirmed 2014-09-12 CA
Wilmers Wilmers Larry Confirmed 2014-09-02 CA
Winget Winget Gary Confirmed 2013-12-24 AZ
Woods Woods Bryan Confirmed 2013-03-13 CA
Wright Bates Barbara Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA

Registered User: 63
Confirmed Contact: 162
Email: 120   
Photos: 106
Bios: 81
In Memoriam: 0
Tribute: 0
 Attend Reunion: Yes 92  Guests: 58
 Attend Reunion: No 21 
 Attend Reunion: Maybe 15 
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