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El Capitan High School
Class of 1964

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The following is a list of our classmates, compiled from many sources by a number of people. If we are missing someone, it is quite unintentional. Please help us by sending any missing names or contact information to the reunion committee:     info@ elcap64.com    Thank you for your help!

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Last Name Last (now) First Contact Info Last Confirmed State
Abbond St.Pierre Carol Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Ackerman Ackerman Douglas Confirmed 2013-03-15 MN
Ahlwardt Shea Gail Deceased
Allain Prevost Cecile Confirmed 2014-05-08 CA
Allen Wright Pamela Confirmed 2014 CA
Amundson Brinkman Karen Confirmed 2013-03-15 FL
Anderson Anderson Alvis Confirmed DNC CA
Andrews Cusimano Donna Confirmed 2014-06-07 OR
Andrus Kelly Anna Confirmed 2014-07-23 CA
Angle Tipps Gloria Unconfirmed CA
Ankrum Ankrum Bren Confirmed 2013-04-03 FL
Arnke Arnke Michael Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Arnold Silverthorn Florence Confirmed 2014-05-27 TX
Aufort Schager Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-19 CA
Axsom Axsom Jason Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Ayala Ayala Sarah Deceased
Bachman Bachman Wayne Unconfirmed 2010 HI
Bagula Bagula Roger Confirmed 2013-05-26 CA
Baillif Baillif William Unconfirmed 2004 MN
Baily Stratton Linda Unconfirmed CA
Bain Driscoll Suzan Confirmed 2013-03-19 CA
Balance Perkins Jeannie Deceased 2004 CA
Ball Ball Janet Missing AZ
Barnes Jr. Barnes James Deceased
Barnum Barnum Mark Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Barry Barry William Deceased
Bartlett Hurley Margaret Confirmed 2014-04-25 ID
Beadles Brinkley Vicki Confirmed 2013-08-15 CA
Becker Becker Carole Missing
Beckwith Beckwith Nancy Deceased
Behl Jr. Behl Jr. Henry Deceased CA
Bell Bell Mike Missing 2004 CO
Bender Bender Michael Confirmed 2014-08-21 CA
Bender Bender Thomas Missing 2004 CA
Benham Benham John Missing
Bernardo Bernardo Louis Unconfirmed 2004 KS
Bickerton Hill Lauren Confirmed 2013 MI
Bigford Shull Janice Confirmed 2014-09-22 CA
Bigford Albert Linda Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Bilkey Bilkey Brian Missing 2004 AK
Bitterlich Bitterlich Jack Confirmed 2013-04-02 MT
Bixby Bixby Chuck Deceased 2010 CA
Blakely Schwen Patty Confirmed 2014-03-03 CA
Boatright Johnson Barbara Missing CA
Bond Bond Richard Confirmed 2013-04-03 OR
Bonin Bonin Martha Missing
Boston Walters Joyce Confirmed 2014-06-06 CA
Boswell Boswell Dean Unconfirmed 2004 TX
Boyas Lee Martha Confirmed 2014-03-01 WA
Boylan Boylan James Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Bracco Bracco Russell Unconfirmed 2004 AZ
Bracegirdle Bracegirdle Geoffrey Unconfirmed 2004 NL, CANADA
Brewer Brewer Rose Missing
Briggs Briggs Terry Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Brown Lawrence Jennice Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Browne Cordell Barbara Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Bruce Bruce Errol Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Burlew Burlew William Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Burnaugh Dodson Susan Missing CA
Burns Dryman Judith Missing 2004 TX
Burt Burt Roy Unconfirmed 2010 SD
Burton Burton Don Confirmed 2014-02-19 AZ
Byrne Byrne Mary Missing
Byson Eaton Rachel Missing
Calamia Brewer Sharlotte Deceased 2013-03-13 UT
Caldwell Livesay Carol Confirmed 2014 CA
Calvert Calvert Clifton Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Cardenas March Susan Confirmed 2014-06-07 AZ
Carlson Carlson-Cerf Dawn Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Carpenter D\\\'Olim Willow Unconfirmed AZ
Carrillo Carrillo Arthur Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Carroll Carroll James Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Christ Christ Frank Confirmed 2014-02-03 CA
Clark Trexler Nancy Confirmed 2013-04-03 FL
Clark Clark Robert Confirmed 2013-09-24 ID
Clarren Moncada Sandra Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Clouse Clouse Roger Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Clubb Clubb Curtis Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Coffman Coffman William Confirmed 2013-04-03 ID
Cole Cole Robert Confirmed 2013-09-22 CA
Coleman Coleman Arlette Deceased
Collver Palmer Kathleen Confirmed 2013-04-04 CA
Conen Porter Catherine Confirmed 2013-08-28 NC
Conrad Conrad Phillip Deceased
Conway Drever Julie Confirmed 2013-03-27 TN
Cook Cook Ken Deceased
Cook Cook Loretta Missing
Cooper Severson Roberta Confirmed 2013 CA
Cope Cope Larry Unconfirmed 2004 FL
Corbett Wood Kathleen Unconfirmed CA
Cover Bush Janice Confirmed 2014-06-07 OR
Cox Barner Janis Confirmed 2013 WA
Crain Crain John Unconfirmed 2004 AR
Credell Credell Michael Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Curley Gegax Virginia Unconfirmed 2004 NV
Curo Curo John Deceased
Curtis Williams Sally Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Dailey Malone Sharon Unconfirmed CA
Davis Stevens Margaret Deceased 2004 CA
Davis Davis Phillip Unconfirmed 2004 GA
Dawson Dawson Catherine Missing
De Does Bowling Lou Confirmed 2013-08-28 CA
De La Hunt De La Hunt Ray Deceased
De Rouen Hardway Evelyn Confirmed 2013-04-15 OR
Deen Deen Robert Confirmed 2014-08-03 CA
Delpozo Daggy Donna Confirmed 2013-04-03 GA
Dewey Dewey Richard Unconfirmed 2004 OR
Di Flavio Di Flavio Tina Missing
Dillow Dillow Vicki Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Diment Rinehart Gloria Confirmed 2014-05-06 CA
Doran Ditomaso Catherine Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Douthit Douthit Charles Missing 2004 OR
Drach Swanson Paulette Missing 2004 AL
Drach Callahan Shirley Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Drexl Hunter Patricia Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Duncan Duncan David Confirmed 2014-08-06 RI
Dutton Forbes Dawn Confirmed 2014-05-09 OR
Dvoracek Berry Gayle Confirmed 2014-08-24 TX
Earickson Earickson Joyce Confirmed 2013-03-27 CA
Eaton Eaton Robert Confirmed 2014-08-27 NM
Egerer Senko Christine Confirmed 2014-09-26 AZ
Eggleston Buckland Jeanne Missing CA
Ellis Ellis Alvin Confirmed 2013-03-13 TX
Elson Vaugn Donna Confirmed 2014-07-28 AZ
Emerson Emerson Robert Confirmed 2013-06-21 CA
Estavillo Estavillo Bill Deceased 2004 AZ
Evans Hawkins Mary Missing OK
Farr Arnold Madeline Confirmed 2013-06-10 CA
Fassel Fassel John Deceased
Finley III Finley III Thomas Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Fischer Fischer Douglas Confirmed 2013-08-20 CA
Flory Flory Reed Confirmed 2013-09-02 CA
Fowler Fowler Roberta Deceased
Frank North Ann Unconfirmed 2010 NV
Frank Frank James Missing
Frank Frank Sheryll Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Frederick Frederick Cheryl Missing
Fullarton Fullarton Kent Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Fuller Allen Judith Unconfirmed 2010 NV
Gallion Zekan Dottie Confirmed 2013-07-15 CA
Galloway Jr. Galloway Jr. William Confirmed 2013 NY
Garcia Adler Sherry Confirmed 2013 CA
Gatchette Gatchette Earl Missing
Gaussoin Gaussoin Anthony Missing 2004 CA
Gerner Gerner James Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Gilmore Masterson Carolyn Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Gilroy Gilroy Calvin Deceased 2004 CA
Goen Goen Judith Missing
Gollehon Bretton Linda Confirmed 2013-03-13 OR
Goodman Springer Barbara Confirmed 2013-04-24 CA
Gradall Gradall Douglas Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Grady Uster Sheri Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Graff Graff Dennnis Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Graham Graham Stephen Deceased 2011 CA
Grant Grant Troy Missing CA
Greenwell Lane Lynda Unconfirmed 2004 VA
Greenwell Carter Susan Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Griffin Griffin Carolynne Missing
Griffis Potter Ruth Deceased
Gruner Howell Dorothy Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Guidette Jr. Guidette Jr. Louis Deceased CA
Gutel Gutel William Unconfirmed 2004 OR
Haines Gray Prudence Confirmed 2013 CA
Hall Hall Joe Deceased 2004 CA
Hanson Litscher Carol Unconfirmed 2004 WI
Hanson Fragoso Sharon Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Hardy Hardy Bryant Confirmed 2013-12-05 OK
Harper Chlarson Julie Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Hathcock Mauricio Catherine Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hein Hein John Unconfirmed 2004 ID
Hellyar Winder Dianne Confirmed 2014-02-26 CA
Hem Hem Raymond Deceased 2004 NV
Henderson Jr. Henderson Jr. Delbert Deceased
Hendrickson Hendrickson Vicky Missing CA
Hendry Stowman Susan Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Henrikson Henrikson Lewis Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hensley Hensley Victor Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hettinger Hettinger Thomas Unconfirmed 2008 MO
Hight Hight George Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Hildebrand Colburn Betty Confirmed 2014-10-05 OR
Hillberg Bilkey JoEllen Confirmed 2012-08-16 CA
Himes Himes Robert Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hirschi Jr. Hirschi Jr. Don Confirmed 2016-05-06 AZ
Hittle Davis Charlotte Confirmed 2013-06-10 CA
Hittle Bilkey Kathleen Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hodges Hodges William Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Hoffman Holmes Cheryl Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hoffman Hoffman James Unconfirmed 2004 NM
Holman Holman Marguerite Missing
Holsbo Holsbo John Confirmed 2013-04-16 CA
Homan Nickens Carol Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Homesley Homesley Ray Deceased
Hon Makela Carol Deceased 2004 CA
Hopster Papenhausen Mary Jane Confirmed 2013-03-18 CA
Howard Echols Penny Confirmed 2016-07-02 UT
Hufford Hufford Margie Deceased
Hughes Weidert Mary Confirmed 2016-03-14 CA
Hull Hull Roberta Confirmed DNC CA
Hunt Hunt Thomas Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Hurley III Hurley III Otis Deceased
Hutton Hutton Jimmy Confirmed 2015-03-26 CA
Hyde Hyde Catherine Deceased
Izydorczyk Allen John Confirmed 2013-03-13 WA
Jacobs Underwood Barbara Deceased 2011 CA
Jacobs Jacobs Toni Missing
James James Frances Missing WA
Jarman Jarman Charles Missing CA
Jennings Jennings Ronald Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Johnson Johnson Frances Missing
Johnson Mohs Frankie Unconfirmed MN
Johnson Johnson Jay Missing DC
Johnson Johnson Violet Confirmed 2014-05-19 CA
Johnston Johnston Robert Missing
Johnze Trotter Betty Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Jones Jones Michael Confirmed 2013-03-26 CA
Jordan Ramsour Nancy Unconfirmed 2004 ID
Jorgensen Jorgensen Doris Deceased AZ
Kane Wallace Margaret Confirmed 2013 CO
Keller Keller Loren Missing
Kephart Brunot Sodonna Missing MN
Kern Kern William Confirmed 2017-05-02 CA
Knapp Pitcher Bonnie Confirmed 2013-08-06 CA
Kuenstler Kuenstler Raymond Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Kuhner Kuhner Fred Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Kulhavy Kulhavy David Confirmed 2013-06-16 TX
Kulhavy Kulhavy Lura Confirmed 2013-08-06 CA
Kuykendall Kuykendall Michael Unconfirmed 2004 CA
La Bree Jr. La Bree Jr. Royle Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Laidler Edwards Christy Confirmed 2013-05-06 CA
Langdon Oren Linda Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Larison McAllister Yvonne Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Lawrence Lawrence Standlee Confirmed 2013 ID
Laytart Laytart Benny Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Lehman Brown Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-27 CA
Leslie Wheeler Robin Confirmed 2014 CA
Levell Levell Donald Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Lind Schmitt Carole Confirmed 2013-04-03 AZ
Lindsay Jr. Lindsay Jr. John Missing CA
Lynch Hanson Jacqueline Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA
Lynch Morgan Nancy Confirmed 2014-06-06 CA
Mack Mack James Missing 2004 CA
Manley Trexler Nancy Missing
Marks Marks James Missing NC
Marquis Marquis Lloyd Deceased
Martin Martin Art Confirmed DNC NV
Mates Mates John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Maxwell Maxwell Thomas Unconfirmed VA
McBride McBride Harriet Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
McCaffrey McCaffrey Megan Unconfirmed 2004 HA
McConnell McConnell Michael Unconfirmed 2008 CA
McCoy Krysinski Pamela Confirmed 2013-09-27 CA
McDonough McDonough Eugene Confirmed 2013-07-17 CA
McGuffee Courter Jeanne Confirmed 2013 CA
McKenna McKenna Robert Confirmed 2014-08-12 CA
Meanor Meanor Ray Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Meeker Nelson Patricia Confirmed 2013-03-13 SC
Melville Carr Judy Confirmed 2014-08-31 CA
Melville Hogge Linda Unconfirmed 2004 MT
Micholofki Micholofki Patricia Confirmed 2013 CA
Miller Gittins Cheri Confirmed 2015-07-31 CA
Miller Miller James Unconfirmed 2010 ID
Mitchell Mitchell Carol Missing
Mitchell Spence Helen Unconfirmed NV
Moody Moody Donna Confirmed 2013-07-17 TX
Moog Hanvey Kathleen Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Moore Moore Janice Missing GA
Moore Leneau Kathleen Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Morehouse Morehouse Larry Confirmed 2014-07-28 AZ
Morris Morris Laverne Missing
Morris Morris Rex Unconfirmed 2004 WA
Moser Moser David Confirmed 2013-04-13 CA
Moyer Moyer James Missing CA
Moyer Moyer Richard Confirmed 2014 CA
Mulkins Mulkins Robert Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Needham Acosta Ann Confirmed 2013-04-03 AZ
Nemecheck Adams Nancy Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Neu Clark Bonnie Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Newman Newman Gloria Deceased
Nicoll Wheeler Vivian Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Nielsen Nielsen Craig Deceased
Ogdahl Ogdahl Sylvia Missing
Olson Caster Linda Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Orr Orr Lester Unconfirmed AK
Orton Orton Evertt Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Ostler Jr. Ostler Jr. Clyde Unconfirmed 2010 CA
Owens Owens Coy Deceased
Pack Pack Leonard Unconfirmed CA
Palma Palma Rafael Confirmed 2015-02-09 , PHILIPPINES
Papenhausen Papenhausen Bill Confirmed 2013-03-18 CA
Parker Henry Karen Confirmed 2013-04-15 CA
Parsley Koch Shirley Confirmed 2014 CA
Parsons Quick Cheryl Confirmed 2013-03-27 NC
Partridge Partridge Ray Unconfirmed 2004 WI
Patience Patience Sandra Deceased 2013-03-27 LA
Payton Payton Lewis Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Peffley Peffley Richard Confirmed 2013 CA
Perez James Confirmed 2014-06-25 CA
Perkins Perkins Marvin Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Peters Peters Susan Missing
Peterson Parker Jane Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Peterson Peterson Lluvia Missing CA
Pignatelli Pignatelli Robert Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Pinnick Pinnick Michael Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Plummer Heaton Francine Confirmed 2013-04-03 WA
Pollard Dominguez Sandra Confirmed 2014-06-08 CA
Potter Potter Charles Deceased TX
Powell Kast Avilda Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Prendergast Prendergast Michael Unconfirmed CA
Prenn Bennett Judi Confirmed 2013-03-13 OR
Presley Presley Janet Missing CA
Price Hall Shirley Unconfirmed CA
Price Price Thomas Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Prince Prince Nancy Missing
Pyatt Pyatt Joann Missing
Rask Rask Kary Missing CA
Rathbun Rathbun Lynn Missing
Ray Ray Vicki Deceased
Reed MacDougal Diana Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Reed Reed Gano Confirmed 2015-07-22 WA
Reisor Reisor Robert Confirmed 2013-04-19 CA
Remington Williams Penney Missing
Richardson Richardson Bruce Confirmed 2014-06-07 CA
Richardson Richardson Dale Unconfirmed CA
Riding Riding William Deceased
Ries Ries Kenneth Deceased NJ
Rightenour Urquidi Betty Unconfirmed 2004 ID
Riley Riley Donald Confirmed NV
Riley Daniels Gwendolyn Missing
Rivera Doering Virginia Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Robertson Robertson Douglas Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Rodgers Rodgers John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Roehl Knapp Connie Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA
Ross Weaver Carol Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Ruiz Ruiz Mary Missing CA
Rupe Rupe Melvin Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Russ Pullman Rheba Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Salazar Salazar Theresa Missing
Sargent Sargent James Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Saska Saska David Deceased 2013-04-08 CA
Savage Savage Jeffrey Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Scheutz Scheutz Theodore Deceased
Schlegel Schlegel Paul Confirmed 2014-04-18 TN
Schmitt Dixon Julie Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Schneider Crockett Jodean Unconfirmed 2004 WY
Sellers Mangini Linda Unconfirmed 2004 MA
Sellers Sellers Peggy Missing CO
Shank Shank John Missing UT
Shannon Winter Lola Deceased
Sherman Herzog Christine Confirmed 2013 CA
Shreve Shreve Nancy Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Sisley Sisley Cheryl Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Slater Tate Mary Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Smith Smith Dennis Missing
Smith Smith John Missing
Smith Smith John Missing
Smith Smith Judith Missing
Smith Smith Judith Missing
Smith Smith Michael Missing
Smith Smith Norman Confirmed 2014-08-28 CO
Smith Smith Ruthann Missing
Smith Smith Victoria Confirmed 2014-07-28 CA
Snyder Snyder James Deceased 2004 MA
Spearman Spearman Gary Deceased CA
Spears Cameron Susan Deceased 2004 CA
Spence Spence Gerald Confirmed 2013-06-30 VA
Sperline Sperline Cheryl Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Steinmetz Steinmetz Steven Deceased CA
Stern Mills Diane Deceased 2004 CA
Sternaman Sternaman-Belser Susan Confirmed 2014-06-19 CA
Stewart Stewart William Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Stone Stone Michael Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Stout Stout Ada Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Stradley Stradley Larry Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Strandlund Strandlund Robert Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Streeter Streeter Charles Confirmed 2013-03-13 CA
Suggs Cunningham Patricia Missing
Sutterfield Hastings Marsha Unconfirmed 2010 IL
Swanson Bryant Penny Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Swinland Roccoforte Carlotta Missing CA
Tatar Tatar Stephanie Missing
Taylor Taylor John Confirmed 2013-04-03 CA
Thompson Dudley Sharon Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Thornbrough Gray Sandra Unconfirmed 2004 MT
Thornton Thornton Ray Unconfirmed U
Thorp Thorp Lora Missing
Tinklepaugh Hertz Jo Ellen Confirmed 2013-05-02 CA
Torres Torres Alice Missing
Towne Towne Ara Missing
Truman Sophy Pat Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Trumbo Trumbo Linda Deceased
Trussell Trussell Patrick Confirmed 2013-05-02 CA
Turner Turner James Unconfirmed CA
Urquidi Urquidi Arthur Unconfirmed 2004 ID
Valentino Koehler Clytie Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Vallese Hayes Carol Confirmed 2014 CA
Van't Hof Pope Bonnie Confirmed 2014-06-07 WA
Veal Veal Tim Unconfirmed 2004 AK
Vigneault Vigneault Patricia Missing MA
Vogel Homesley Susan Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Wagner Degeilh Cheri Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Waldren Raety Penelope Unconfirmed 2004 NE
Walker Walker Joel Confirmed 2013-04-08 CA
Wallenborn Hendee Carla Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Walterhouse Walterhouse David Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Walters Walters David Missing MI
Walters Walters Judith Deceased
Washburn Washburn David Unconfirmed UT
Washburn Washburn Larry Deceased
Watkins Lewis Connie Missing 2008 CA
Wayne Wayne Robert Confirmed 2013-04-01 TX
Weaver Rushing Patricia Unconfirmed 2008 WA
Weidner Christensen Dona Deceased 2013 CA
White White Gregory Confirmed 2014 CA
White White William Confirmed 2014-07-28 WA
Whited Monise Karen Confirmed 2013-03-27 WA
Whiting Jr. Whiting Jr. Harry Confirmed 2014-10-09 WA
Wilcox Wilcox James Unconfirmed CO
Williams Williams Armand Deceased
Williams Grable Judith Confirmed 2014-09-12 CA
Willis Campbell Susan Unconfirmed 2008 CA
Wilmers Wilmers Larry Confirmed 2014-09-02 CA
Wilson Fleming Linda Unconfirmed 2010 CT
Winget Winget Gary Confirmed 2013-12-24 AZ
Woodall Even Janie Unconfirmed CA
Woods Woods Bryan Confirmed 2013-03-13 CA
Woods Wood Martha Unconfirmed 2004 CA
Wright Bates Barbara Confirmed 2014-08-28 CA
Zekan Zekan Joseph Deceased 2008 CA

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 Attend Reunion: No 22 
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